Burns Windows Project 2016

‘Angels In My Orchard’ currently displayed in the window of the Rabbie Burns Museum in Dumfries as part of the Burns Windows Project 2016.

Just wow.


Angels In My Orchard Original.jpg

From the project organisers:

“In January 2012 we invited contemporary poets to send us a piece of verse to be exhibited in the windows of notable buildings in the town of Dumfries, South-West Scotland, in time for Robert Burns Night on 25th January. We only accepted poems which were the poet’s own work, written in their own handwriting and signed. We sent out the plastic sheets , a permanent pen and a stamped addressed envelope to over 250 poets as far afield as the USA, Sweden, and all over Europe, although the bulk were to Scottish poets.

Our inspiration came from Robert Burns himself. He lived in Dumfries from 1791 until his death in 1796. While here he frequented the ancient Globe Inn in the town’s High Street, where he inscribed verse in the windows of his room using a diamond ring or stylus.

We wished to channel the spirit of Robert Burns by inviting writers in the present day to emulate his example by speaking of their own time in a transparent way…

The poems that were returned were displayed and showed the vitality and variety of contemporary poetry, not to mention demonstrating the continuing relevancy of poetry as public utterance.

One poem was selected by a ballot of Globe Inn customers and has been engraved on a window pane in the Globe Inn. Kris Haddow’s wonderful ‘On Times Austere’, a poem in Scots and speaking of the times that it was written in, was a fitting poem to be installed in the bedroom where Burns himself lived for a time.

The Project was such a success, its curators – artist Hugh Byrden and literature lecturer David Borthwick – are doing it again in January/February of 2013.”


The project is taking place again now in January 2016


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