Walking The Ceredigion Coastal Path 8

I recently began a walk along the Ceredigion Coastal Path which, as part of the Wales Coast Path, runs from Cardigan in the south over 60 miles to Ynyslas on the northern edge of the county. This is my diary of the event.

Saturday 25th May 2019 17:50
Location: Cwm Tydu
Mileage: 22

A chance encounter with a couple of guys tipped me off to a campsite in Cwm Tydu. The middle to last part of path from Llangranog to Cwm Tydu was cut from the edge of the Hirallt cliff face, the highest point along the Ceredigion coastline. It rose sharply up and in some places I had to mind to watch my footing as a mis-timed trip with the weight of my rucksack on my back would surely have been the end of me. I rested once more at a National Trust farm or estate that I didn’t catch the name of, before making the last effort for Cwm Tydu. The lure of showers and water was greater than the lure of the open sky and so here I am, tent up, clean, clothes washed in the shower, with an ample supply of water and ready to heat up a can of vegetable curry.

Tomorrow is 3.8 miles to New Quay and then a 6.5 mile push to Aberaeron. And then maybe a day at leisure. It’s then 7.4 miles to Llanrhystud for another stop and then 10.6 miles to Aberystwyth then a final 10 miles to Borth and Ynslas. Is there a bus back from Borth? Where can I get it back to? Aberaeron maybe, for a post walk rest and when is the last bus? And how will the coming rain affect my plans?

Saturday 25th May 2019 20:30
Location: Cwm Tydu
Mileage: 22

I’ve been down to the beach, watched a guy teach his son to beach fish, patted a Jack Russell and read all the signs on the beach. I took a selfie, found there was no mobile signal and watched the waves for a bit. The cafe here closed at 5pm so nothing happening there, it opens again at 11am so I’ll miss it on the way out too.

I’m trying (dw’in ceisio) to figure out if I’ll make it to Aberaeron at a reasonable time tomorrow, depends how well I sleep, I guess. I’ll probably breeze through New Quay too early for lunch, hopefully I can pick up a sandwich or something, maybe some oranges too, otherwise it’ll be Huel for lunch again. It’s then another 6.5 miles to Aberaeron which I want to reach before the shops close so I can pick up some fresh supplies from the Health Food shop. I’ll need a couple of cans for the next few days, ideally it’s chips night and then a couple of cans to get me through to Llanrhystud. It seems to have taken me all day to cover the ten or so miles today, but some of those ups and downs were pretty hardcore. So I need to make a note of how long it takes to get to New Quay tomorrow, to cover those 3.8 miles and get some good lunch to carry through.

Cwm Tydu is a popular spot for seals to birth and raise their young in the autumn and are common visitors to this cove although I didn’t see any this time. Last time I was here this fella came visiting:


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