Building With Stone

How often do you get to stare at bare naked walls? Unadulterated stone, no plaster, no paint, no whitewash, the mortar raked out emphasising the size and shape of each stone and the patterns and types of stone used by the builders.

Patches of flat shale slate bordered with more rounded boulders from the river or just dug up from the earth.

Here a stone so unfeasibly large the builder used it in the very top layer of the house to save carrying it down again unused.

Soon all this will be covered over again with plaster and layer upon layer of whitewash, as it was once before, and it will all be hidden away for perhaps another couple of hundred years.

Zen and The Art of Restoration

It’s May and the weather has broken into sun and there’s a distinct lack of rain. Time to make a start fixing up the roof of our old cottage and learn some lessons on the way.

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