Wicked Game – Pony Folk

So, just me again, in front of the fire, recording an early take of the classic Chris Isaak track ‘Wicked Game’ wot I learnt this week. You know, I missed a change in there, no points for spotting that one. There’s only three chords to the song, with the capo on the 2nd fret it’s just Am, G and D. Easy. Give it a go, you know you want to.


I mainly wrote this song in the car park at Tesco. When I look back at my original draft on my phone the chorus is there verbatim. The first three verses are great too, I usually drop the last verse when I play this though as a 5 minute song is, well, a bit of an indulgence.

It’s about Joey, if you’ve been to Embercombe you’ll know who I mean. Big love.


I wrote and uploaded the first version of mountain back in February, it’s had a few outings at the Tafarn Bach open mic and jam sessions now and has grown to fit its skin. Song writing and playing / singing is an interesting, organic phenomena in that respect – how a song will evolve over time, bed itself down into its tune, words will change, melody will be tweaked, eventually it all settles down but sometimes no two versions are ever the same.



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