Carrot Curry Recipe

One of my favourite meals at the moment is carrot curry, simple to make at home or camping, on a one or two ring burner, it provides a quick and healthy dinner.


Curry Powder

The cooking doesn’t take long so you can either prepare everything up front, or if you are cooking on a one ring burner then prepare each step as the former is cooking.

The Curry Sauce

Chop / dice the onion and garlic and fry until soft and caramelised.

To make this more of a Katsu curry add sliced ginger, soy sauce (1 tbsp) and honey (1 tsp)

Add a little water and curry powder (a couple of teaspoons per person) and simmer for a while.

Take off the heat and put to one side, optionally blend to a paste if you have a blender available.

The Rice

For speed and taste use white basmati, 80g per person. I always rinse with running water first and then add to a pan of boiling water.

In about 8 to 10 minutes the rice will be soft and fluffy and can be drained and then rinsed with boiling water.

For the camping version I forgo the after rinse but still rinse a little before cooking.

The Carrots

Slice the carrots and place in a large covered pan

Add a centimetre or so of water and place on a high heat

Stir through occasionally, the carrots should steam in 5 to 10 minutes

You can add variety by adding other veg into the steamer at the same time, perhaps sweet potatoes, asparagus or broccoli as you prefer.


There’s a lot of different ways you can experiment with this recipe, everything is open to substitution ie completely replace carrots with sweet potato to make a sweet potato curry. Use mild or medium or stronger curry powder or paste to change the flavour. If you have more time you can add the vegetables to the curry sauce, add more water and boil them in the sauce instead of steaming them separately. Go wild and see what different combinations you can come up with.