Porth Clais Robin

We were heading out for a walk along the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path from Porth Clais to Porthlysgi Bay when I heard a familiar robin call from a bush in the car park. This robin looked particularly friendly as he sang his song to me so I broke off a little piece of pastry for him.

Hand-Feeding Robins

Over the last couple of months, on our morning dog walk, we slowly became aware of the robin by the churchyard and patiently developed a two way relationship with him – we provide food and he sings for us.

Jon Young talks of the cords of connection between us and nature, if we notice nature we create a thread and the more we notice and pay attention to nature the thicker the thread. We watch the robin and the robin watches us and the thread becomes a cord and the cord becomes a rope and we are growing a strong nature connection. And the best part is coming home and sharing the story with you.