Lift Your Voice

“So I don’t know why you came on this programme, maybe you came because, I don’t know, you just like these guys, or you heard a friend you liked, somebody else maybe, there’s someone you’re hoping to, you know, will become your deep and dear friend or lover and you knew they were coming on this programme, so you sneaked. All sorts of reasons. Maybe you came because you hadn’t been to Embercombe before and you thought that it’d be a nice thing to do. Whatever was your theory or hypothesis around coming, just imagine that life actually convened you here together because she wanted to bring you together in prayerful relationship, with the trees, with the wind, with the birds, with each other and then ask of you something. She just said ‘Please, if you love this earth put aside your defences, put aside your fears, because we’re all frightened 





– Mac Macartney – 27th March 2016