Ride On

I enjoy the deceptive simplicity of this song, after all it only has three chords, although watching it back now I feel I may be trying it in the wrong key and I need to finish learning all the words. But none of that is as important as the very act of creating music and creating art.

I remember one Open Mic I took part in, in my poet phase long before I ever imagined my singer/songwriter phase, where the compere’s invitation to perform ran along the lines of ‘if you’re sitting there thinking you can do better than this then now’s the time to show us’.

Brutal for those who had already performed, but perhaps effective (or not) for encouraging those who thought they were ‘better’. As if ‘better’ is a word you use to describe art or music. Anyways, it’s out there now and like a weekly Parkrun, I’d rather be there with a slower time than last week than still be in bed of a Saturday morning.

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