Woman Without Dog


It was just a story, we were out walking the dog around the Croft in Stoke-on-Trent when I saw the woman, out walking her dog, except there wasn’t one. Actually, there was one, but it was small and obscured by the long grass but by then it was too late, Woman Without Dog had already grown legs and starting running off by itself. Who was she? What’s her story? The last verse came later, there might be a chorus added at some point in the future.

Dedicated to Pip, we’re all Woman Without Dog at some point.

D                                               F
She’s up at the park every day
Walking her dog, at least
That’s what she says

D                                                                           F
There’s never been a dog with her all this time
C                                              G
They all say she’s lost her mind

She lost her husband seven years ago
Walking their dog along the flooded rivers flow
Somethings can never be explained
They all say he flew away to Spain

Now she walks around all alone
Every night up there in the dark
Talking to a dog that’s not there
Another voice lost in the wild autumn air

I watch her slowly fade away
And I think I’ve got it made
She’ll be forever on my mind
I just hope I got it right this time



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