Gors Fawr Stone Circle

Travelling up through Wales last week we stopped off at Gors Fawr Stone Circle on the edge of the Presili Hills. This is the area where the bluestones, Presili Spotted Dolerite to give them their geologic name, that form part of Stonehenge were quarried before making their 150 mile journey to Amesbury.

‘This near-perfect circle of sixteen stones measuring about 22 metres in diameter. Eight of the stones are of spotted dolerite, the famous ‘bluestone’ sourced as being from the Carn Meini outcrops to the north (Burl mentions only one). Recent geophysical survey by the SPACES project, searching for any buried structures which might lie hidden beneath the circle, revealed nothing. The conclusion is that this monument probably looks much the same today as it did to its late Neolithic or Bronze Age builders. Nearby is a pair of standing stones (NPRN 304281) which appears to frame the distant Carn Menyn outcrop when viewed from the south-west. In his 1963 Shell Guide, Vyvyan Rees was unimpressed; ‘Gors Fawr, the only recognisable stone circle left in the county, is very small’. It is, in fact, a remarkable survivor and one of the best of its kind to be seen in Wales’. (1)

(From Driver, T. 2006. Pembrokeshire: Historic Landscapes from the Air. RCAHMW, p121)

Wild ponies and sheep roam free here under the pale blue sky of what could be mistaken for the wild open prairies of America.

I filmed a walk-around of the stone circle and used it in two videos, the first has a soundtrack containing the market call of a fruit and veg stall owner in Doncaster, an original impromptu flute tune by Pony Folk and words read from ‘The Worm Forgives The Plough’ by John Stewart Collis. The second version of the video is accompanied by a rough draft of ‘Folk Song’ by Pony Folk.



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